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Crazy, logical and smart.

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The Einstein Story:

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Crazy. Just like you.

“Eckstein” is German for cornerstone. The Eckstein has corners and edges. Striking and unashamedly stylish, it changes as life changes.
One day it is a stimulating red-green-yellow. Tomorrow it could be a chilled blue-blue-white. Sometimes it likes to stand proud alone, at other times, it likes to hang out with an Einstein colleague.

The Einstein itself determines its personality – forcefully.

Eccentric? Perhaps. Full of character? Always!

Logical. Just like you.

The Einstein is a miracle of transformation. It is a statement for your distinctive style and your sixth sense for outstanding design. You decide how the detachable aluminium panels are assembled, depending on your own mood . New idea? Simply exchange the
panels, move them around, to create your sculpture of the day. You can enjoy the changing face of your Einstein again and again

Don’t forget to give your Einstein a meaningful job, or it will get bored. Make it your office buddy. Place it as a noble porter in the lobby to show guests the way. Use it as a bar, as a wardrobe, as a toy box. Use it as an advertising medium. Or just let it
stand proud by itself – as a work of art in its own right


Smart. Just like you.

The Einstein thinks more sustainably than the mainstream. It is proud of the fact that every single one of its components is manufactured with respect for natural resources and under fair conditions whenever possible and sensible. The Einstein is designed and assembled in Switzerland – the birthplace of quality engineering.

The Einstein story and how it began...

Do you own an Eckstein? What are your experiences with it? Share your story with us, as a video, picture or commentary. People can’t wait to hear your response!

Become part of the Einstein story!

Crowdfunding for our Einstein project will start soon. With your contribution, you become part of our story and at the same time set a small monument for yourself.

  • What you can do now:
    Register on Kickstarter and leave us your contact information via the contact form. As soon as we go online with our crowdfunding, we will inform you.

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