Cash back.

Your friends are my friends.

Recommend me and cash in.

So you created me and brought me home. Your friends envy your latest objet d’art? Do they want their own Eckstein too? Make a referral! If someone buys an Eckstein based on your referral, you receive a referral reward!

How it works

  • So you bought a Eckstein. Oooh, well done, you! We then send you your personal referral code.
  • You just want to recommend me? Thank you kindly! Request your referral code here.

Next steps:

  • Share the code along with your recommendation via social media, e-mail, SMS, coasters, napkins, etc.
  • One of your friends clicks on your code and arrives at our shop.
  • Your friend falls in love with me. And buys me.
  • Our clever system notices that this new love affair is all thanks to you.
  • We reward you by transferring 2.5% of the net purchase price to you.

All clear? Off you go then!

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