The Eckstein® Production

Excellence and sustainability – made in Switzerland.

The Eckstein’s cleancut image

Is my aluminium sustainable? Admittedly, it requires a lot of energy in production. But aluminium can be recycled again and again – and with practically no loss of quality. Again and again. And because my aluminium – like my wood – is coated with powder and not with lacquer, it does not pollute the environment in any way. Discover here who made me who I am.

Wood construction by Oesch Innenausbau, Switzerland.

My wooden soul comes from the beautiful Berner Oberland. This is where Oesch Innenausbau carefully plans, cuts and builds my wooden structure. Oesch is largely powered by its own solar power.

Wood powder coating from Ramseier Woodcoat, Switzerland.

At Ramseier – also located in the Berner Oberland – my wood is given an ecological makeover. Ramseier charges the wood electrostatically so that it can be powder coated. The coating is free from harmful solvents and is odourless. And because Ramseier meets the highest requirements in terms of ecology and health, it can claim the “eco-1” environmental label.

CNC-machine cutting by Eigl Precision mechanics, Switzerland

In the Emmental, the Swiss take their millimetre precision seriously. Eigl cuts my aluminium parts with a precision that is fitting of a Swiss watch.

Aluminium powder coating by Sigwa from Sumiswald (Switzerland).

Admittedly – it may seem a bit extravagant that my aluminum powder coating is done by Sigwa in Sumiswald, then the powder raw materials at two or three other places. But I have good reasons for this: each of these partners has the best expertise for my very specific appearances and needs.

Aluminium from Metall-Fachhandel, Germany.

The untreated aluminium that clothes me and holds me together comes from Hasselroth near Frankfurt. Of course, it is of the highest quality.

Final assembly and finish by my creator in Switzerland

No, Jonathan my inventor doesn’t want to entrust that to anyone else at the moment: my final assembly, the removal of the very last bit of dust. Soon, however, he fears he will no longer have space in his studio in the Bern suburb of Köniz, as more of my brothers and sisters arrive.

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