I am the Eckstein®.

Nice to meet you!

The only constant thing in life is change.

I am a sustainable furniture concept because I adapt myself seamlessly to your life, however you are feeling. You rearrange my 45 coloured tiles made of high-quality aluminium effortlessly. Fancy new colours, lettering, surfaces you have designed yourself, engravings? Talk to us – we’ll be happy to make it happen. Would you like to match me with another Eckstein to form a two- or three-story work of art? You can do it yourself without any technical knowledge (just some muscle). When shall we meet?

Eckstein®, modèle: Einstein by EDC, EDC = Eckstein Design Company, couleur: bleu et bleu clair en damier.

Exclusively for you: my inner life.

Outwardly I present the unmistakable character that you give me. My inner life is completely inspired by your desires. Liven me up with up to three panels in your favourite colours. You will soon be able to choose from other interior design modules here.

I like to give. And I can take a lot.

I give you the freedom to do with me what you like. Because I want to stay with you for a lifetime, I am built to be extremely robust. My tiles are highly scratch-resistant and easy to care for. But you can also have them changed frequently. The hard-aluminium supports ensure maximum stability. Load me with up to 95 kilograms – I carry the weight effortlessly. My hinges are heavy-duty products. And the rust-resistant components for fastening the tiles come from yacht construction, which has the strictest quality requirements after aviation. As if that wasn’t enough, I am non-toxic and do not give off any fumes.

  • Recommended load weight:
    Max. 95 kilograms per Eckstein®
  • Recommended loading weight shelf:
    Per shelf max. 25 kilograms



Eckstein®: Model Einstein by EDC, EDC = Eckstein Design Company, couleur: bleu et bleu clair en damier.

I belong to you. And only to you.

Fake? Not me! For a start, I’ve been painstakingly created and fully patented. Secondly, I come with an etched identity mark which cannot be counterfeited. It contains my serial number, which is unique to me. Thirdly, you created me yourself out of the millions of possible combinations: your unique, personal Eckstein.

Me in a nutshell.

  • Externaldimensions:
    65 x 65 x 65 cm


  • Weight:
    80 kg


  • Types:
    With wheels or with feet


  • Models:
    “Einstein by EDC”
    “Zweistein by EDC”
    “Dreistein by EDC”


  • Floors:
    Maximum 3


  • Possible combinations:
    Many many

Take a look at me!

Do you have ideas you want to share with us?