The Eckstein® founder

A creative man of action

Hello. I’m Jonathan.

More precisely: Jonathan Hartmann-Pisoni. I live in Bern, Switzerland, where my university diploma in hospitality management hangs on my wall. I realised very early on that design and creativity are my main resources and passions. I have been working on product design for some time. The search for new ideas and crazy possibilities – that’s what drives me! One day the Eckstein found its way into my thoughts and visions. At that moment, I turned my life on its head to found the Eckstein Design Company GmbH.

Creativity wins. Always.

Who do you prefer: know-it-alls who are all talk and no action, or creative doers? No question for me. The doers are the ones who implement something without knowing how it will turn out. They are the innovators, designers and inventors. They advance our society. Despite many unknown factors and uncertainties, they repeatedly declare war on the status quo. I confess: I used to be a bloody know-it-all. The Eckstein project turned me into a doer. For that I am infinitely grateful to the Eckstein!

Today the Eckstein has long outgrown the project status. It is currently developing into a very positive success story. Off we go – the journey continues!

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