The Eckstein® Vision.

was yesterday.
Eckstein® is the future.

The Eckstein® is the cornerstone

As the first product of the Eckstein Design Company, the Eckstein is currently causing a stir. We are developing it further – and our range will grow. We have more than enough ideas for other innovative objects. In a second and third step, the Eckstein Design Café, the Eckstein Systemhostel and the Eckstein Laboratory will be added. Our focus is on simple, straightforward designs and services. We don’t just focus on trend development, but on classic, timeless product design with a high recognition value.

Design serving people

We want to address people of all ages and social positions. With our services we want to promote community and banish loneliness. There is a lot of stress in the world. Our future customers and guests should be able to use the simplest, most easily understandable products possible. The focus will be exclusively on people’s desire to feel good. Eckstein Design aims to raise at least one smile from our customers every day.

Eckstein® design – our motto

Angular, distinctive, recognisable and in a class of its own with constantly improving levels of quality. Mainstream was yesterday. Eckstein is the future.
Model: Einstein

Eckstein® Design Company –
the creative team players

How do we achieve maximum quality? By including future customers, employees and friends of our company in the continuous improvement process based on principles of «Kaizen». In three years, the Eckstein Design Company should be profitably managed and sustainably developed.

Do you have ideas you want to share with us?